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DISCLAIMER: This Blog is in no way shape or form asking people to ditch conventional treatment in favour of alternative natural therapies. This is a Blog to document the research I have done and the treatments that I undergo. Many posts found here are for my own record written by other authors.

In life you go along without a care in the world, living a normal life, enjoying what life throws at you but nothing could have prepared me for what had just been thrown at me……… Now I was about to take on the biggest battle of my life. How was I going to do this? I couldn’t even give up smoking cigarettes. My willpower was a shambles. But now my life actually did depend on it. Now I had to fight the dreaded disease they call  BREAST CANCER. Whatever the outcome I am going to fight this with everything I have. After all it’s in my Irish blood not to give up and put up a fight and that I plan on doing.

Obviously I have come up against doctors and oncologist who are dead set against my choice and have given me all the horror stories – but that’s all they are to me STORIES.  I have connected with amazing people on my journey…some old and alot of new including one of my “Cancer Idols” – Chris Wark. And I know this is possible. With the right frame of mind and diet alongside support I will pull through this – I AM A WARRIOR!

For the people that know me, they know me as the gobby Bethnal Green girl who could more then handle herself….but for those who don’t know me this blog is welcome you into my life, enjoy and hopefully get some understanding of what it is like to go through this illness via a natural route.

I decided to write this blog to keep me focused and to keep all the information I have researched in one place but friends begged me to put it public for the whole world to see and boy did they. I receive amazing emails everyday from people I have never met encouraging me on my path and the amount of support and well wishes I receive from friends is overwhelming at times but soooo appreciated.

I have days where I don’t want to get out of my be let alone turn on my laptop and those messages really do help. 

You can read my journey here

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook for all updates and tips on all alternatives I shall be doing whilst on my journey to recovery.

  1. Alessandra says:

    Hey i’m from Brazil, and I think that u doing right thing. I wish the best for you and i wanna say that if u have a bad feeling about someone, so u need to clean your heart..I mean, forgive. Thats the reason of Cancer. Kiss..thanks for share your experience.


  2. Don says:

    Hi Kelly, I read the piece on you in the mirror (not that I’m a mirror reader, but the story was linked to from another site I regularly visit). I wanted to leave a comment here to voice my utmost and unconditional support for you and the choices that you have made. I feel you have made the right decision in refusing chemotherapy and surgery. Your body is your property and nobody but you is in a position to decide what is best for it, or what is in the best interests for you and your family. Life is about living and its the quality of life which is important, rather than merely being alive and pumped full of toxic chemicals. How you choose to live your life and share your life is up to you.


  3. billy says:

    Hi – research the benefits of drinking carrot juice on google …… take care

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  4. Alex says:

    Way to go Kelly! You are great and brave. Check the Gerson therapy as well. Even the reduce protocol has a lot to offer.

    Lots of Love

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  5. blubberjam says:

    Hey, there. 85% or more of ALL healing is in the mind alone. Belief, attitude, and stress play a massive role in your body’s ability to get better. Would love to share 20+ years of my own research into the big C word, and the medical industry won’t like the findings, which are all backed my published papers. I’ll send a message on facebook.

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  6. Karen says:

    You are very brave. Please can I recommend that you read “How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’ by David R Hamilton. So easy to read and understand and so true. Love and respect, Karen

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  7. Zoe says:

    Amazing. I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer – Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma 5 years ago. I recovered from surgeries very quickly as I carried out alot of research and basically went raw for 6 mths, now I eat around 80% raw. I’m still monitored for re-occurrences but strongly feel that my recovery was down to my raw food regime, raw juices and cutting out all refined sugars. I’m now a qualified raw juice therapist too and have just developed my recipe blog. All healthy of course and sugar free. I’d love you to have a look at my recipes – cancer changed my life and i strongly feel that both my body and mind have healed with the support of a plant based diet. I wish you lots of good luck. My site is http://www.hotdaycoldday.com
    Zoe x


  8. edison pimentel says:

    Do what is best for you, I wish you lots of good luck and that you survive for a long time. kisses.


  9. Marnie says:

    Hi there,

    I am a great believer in what you are doing and you are so brave to go against the conventional methods of cancer treatment.

    I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your PH testing kit from? I have seen a few online but the one you are using looks more specific. I am ill at the moment and have been trying to get diagnosed since September. I’ve been assured it is not cancer because of my age but I’ve decided to try and cure myself of my mystery ailment.

    Wishing you all the best.


  10. Terry Dicks says:

    Hello Kelly,my name is Terry ,I am a spiritual healer living in Southend…roughly an hours drive from your part of the world.Danielle George mentioned you as top trooper and then I found your story in the Daily Mail.Anyway,I am happy to help with your battle….please email me or call if you need help.


  11. Daniela says:

    Wow Kelly, that is great what you are doing! Your history really touched me! Many years ago there was a Chilean Doctor called Manuel Acharan Lezaeta, that cured many people just like that, by changing what you eat and also applying clay compress in people. He even did research on that and proved why that happens. I met a person in chile that told me this doctor cured her mother from womb cancer. He had a book, but that was completly hidden from the market. He even suffer several cases against him from the chilean medicine society. Drug industry doesnt want us healthy. Good luck in your journey!


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  15. Alina says:

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  17. eagle2610 says:

    £ BREAST CANCER £ : an industry, out of control.
    Each year, in the UK, there are around 160,000 deaths of people, diagnosed with cancer : including some 12,000 women, diagnosed with breast cancer: these are women who have done as they were told, before and during their illness ..
    They have eaten The Dept of Health Balanced Diet, with all that it promotes and allows, : they have had the recommended vaccines, the anti-biotics, the anti-coagulants, the anti-depressives, the anti-virals .. the anti-everything, .. the statins, .. the steroids . the X-ray cancer screening .. When they have been diagnosed, they have opted for – or have been rail-roaded into – the tumour-attack package , of surgery, drugs, radiation … with the inevitable result . Of the 49,000 diagnosed, yearly, most of the misdiagnosed-majority tend to, initially, survive the treatment, but are left damaged and more likely to develop serious disease, cancer included, from the effects of treatment. The correctly-diagnosed do not survive , Divine Intervention excepted.


  18. Lisa Rooney says:

    Hi Kelly, I’ve just found your blog. I was wondering how you are feeling? Has your lump got bigger? I have a 5cm lump in my breast and I’ve had biopsy and mammogram. I am getting results on Thursday although they did say it suspicious and expect the worst.

    I always said to myself if I ever get cancer I won’t have chemo etc because I believe your body cures itself.

    Now I haven’t read all your blog yet but I will, so i might ask something that you’ve already answered, so sorry about that. Because you’ve refused nhs treatment do they not monitor you anymore? Ie do they not check your cancer is getting worse or better? Also are you in any pain?

    I do admire you. I think you’re really brave. The only thing I’m worried about is my family not understanding why I’d refuse treatment.


    • Hi lisa now its actual shrinking well my last ultrasound showed a shrinkage. I feel absolutely fine I Dont get any pains only if I do a protocol but that’s the tumor reacting. But apart from that I’m fine I’m still working 50hrs a week single parent etc. Just getting on with it really xxx


  19. eagle2610 says:

    Each year, in the UK, there are around 160,000 deaths of people, diagnosed with cancer : these are people who have done as they were told – before and during their illness – by the cancer industry, including the ” patient-support ” groups . They have eaten The Dept of Health Balanced Diet, with all that it promotes and allows : they have had the recommended vaccines, the anti-biotics, the anti-coagulants, the anti-everything, .. the statins, .. the steroids .. the CT scans , the mammography .. When they have been diagnosed, they have opted for the tumour-attack package , of surgery, drugs, radiation … a highly carcinogenic , immuno-suppressive regime, diametrically-opposed to that which they needed for survival , with the inevitable result , and at an average cost in excess of £100,000 : EACH : £16 billion and rising per year, for the total mismanagement of cancer – prevention and reversal.


  20. John Doe says:

    One of the minerals associated with breast cancer and many others is Iodine (deficiency). In Japan where they smoke more than other countries, they still have lower rates of Lung cancers, however stomach cancers are more prevalent.

    I would strongly suggest that you look into (Lugols) Iodine, it’s role in apoptosis (cell death), breast cancer and Fibro cystic breast disease (possible pre curser to breast cancer).

    I also recommend that you take a look at a book called ”Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work (Second Edition) – With Audio CD Transcript [Kindle Edition] Tanya Harter Pierce”

    Have a read of this http://jeffreydachmd.com/iodine-treats-breast-cancer/

    Although Ive seen the health benefits of Iodine, it is difficult to ascertain the good from the bad information but with enough research, you will find the truth. You will also want to look into high dose vitamin C supplementation, even despite your new raw food diet, you may not be getting enough.

    People close to me have cancer and they are not dying from the cancer, they are dying from the treatment. Their weakened immune system has left them open to disease, the radiation has damaged their organs and the cancer simply becomes resistant. I wish they were open minded enough to have sought other treatments.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


    • Hi john yes I do all that plus more. I take 20drops of lugols in the am


      • John Doe says:

        Really glad to hear you are supplementing with Lugols Iodine! Working up to 50-100mg is probably what most would aim for.

        Do you take 500mg Magnesium and 200mcg Selenium with it? Hopefully you already are because that is essential to prevent thyroid damage. Some take the optional ATP Cofactors as well.

        You might also want to consider Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate because that can strengthen the whole body and it is said that it makes it harder for tumors to spread. Take a look at this presentation, cancer is mentioned towards the end though.

        It is titled ‘Hydrolyzed Collagen . Treat Arthritis pain’ but that supplement has so much benefit for the body at a deep level. You could also make Bone Broth if you aren’t already doing so or try Eggshell membrane if you are concerned about the animal source.

        Liposomal vitamin C is worth considering too. You heard about the Vitamin C IV’s? It was mentioned in a New zealand cancer / pneumonia case.

        Best wishes!


      • Hi john this is a list of what I do:
        In morning I have 10-20 drops of lugols in my ABC juice (still can’t hack the taste) then I rebound for 15-20 mins to get my lymphatic juices pumping. I will eat a sprouted salad before I get to work alongside selenium, vit d3 & k2 with calcium. I’m on up to 20-30 grams of vit c I’m looking into iv which they do in a clinic in north London. I also consume a lot of raw garlic and habenero peppers. I also take artemisinin, yellow clover, cats claw, milk thistle, pancreatic enzymes, probiotics, bone broths for gut healing, I use sacred frankincense rectally with tsuga, sandlewood and coconut oil (made as suppositories) also use the oils on my skin and reflex points, I use a hbc twice a week but prob need to use more. I take other supplementation like q10, colostrum, shark liver oil, alpha liopoic acid, black salve caps, magnesium….the list goes on


    • I’m currently take 20-30grams a day of vit c


      • John Doe says:

        You are clearly doing everything and more which is great. I will be following your journey to see how you are doing.

        By the way. I don’t know if it is something to worry about but Ive always heard that some fear that the abscorbic acid in juice can turn the Iodine into Iodide which would reduce its benefit. Are you sure that taking it in the juice is not doing this?

        I always use vitamin C to get rid of Iodine if accidentally spilled.


      • I take in carrot juice as the citrics turns it to iodide.


  21. eagle2610 says:

    KEEP IT SIMPLE . ie Steve’s Story http://www.cancerreality.info


  22. John Doe says:

    Another mans story of his fight with prostate cancer that spread to his bones. It says he beat it. I plan to take a look at a sample of his book. Vernon’s Dance with Cancer


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