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What Are They For?

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Niacin and Cancer Treatment

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After extensive research into many vitamins which help in the bodies ability to build a strong immune system, aid in healing leaky gut and many other benefits in which someone with Cancer would benefit from I came across Niacin known as Vitamin B3.  Niacin has been reported when used in conjunction with Q10 and Riboflavin to be a very effective  researchers looked at blood tests that reflect breast cancer growth. They found a significant increase in poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase levels and disappearance of RASSF1A DNA methylation patterns in the supplement plus tamoxifen group, compared with patients who only took tamoxifen group or the supplements. The authors of this study concluded “An increase in DNA repair enzymes and disappearance of DNA methylation patterns attributes to reduction in tumor burden and may suggest good prognosis and efficacy of the treatment.”

After much research I decided to purchase Niacin at 500mg – and wow …… Five minutes after taking it the “Niacin Flush” kicked in. My skin started to tingle then a huge wave of heat took over my whole body. It was quite a nice feeling which felt like Sun burn and actually looked like it. The flush is caused by the Niacin which dilates blood vessels and gives a rosey colour to the skin.

Vitamins will not only help your body function properly and provide nutrients necessary for health, but they  may also help combat illness, including cancer. Niacin is one of the B vitamins that has been shown to provide multiple health benefits. It will not cure cancer, but it may be a helpful supplement in fighting the disease.


Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, helps the body create energy from food like any other B vitamin, but it also aids in making sex and stress hormones. This vitamin also helps improve circulation and lower cholesterol levels.

Effects of Niacin on Cancer

According to a 2009 study by Maiese and associates, published in “Molecules,” a form of niacin called nicotinamide may help control inflammatory cell reactions, protect against oxidative stress and reduce cancer progression. More research needs to be done on nicotinamide’s effect on cells, but its effects appear promising against cancer and other diseases. The Linus Pauling Institute adds that niacin influences cell response to DNA damage, which is a contributing factor to the development of cancer. Talk with your doctor about the possible benefits of niacin on cancer, and whether it is appropriate for you to take.

Foods high in B3

#1: Yeast Extract 127.5mg (638% DV) per 100 grams 7.7mg (38% DV) per teaspoon (6 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Yeast Extract
#2: Bran (Rice) 34.0mg (170% DV) per 100 grams 40.1mg (201% DV) per cup (118 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Bran
#3: Liver (Lamb’s) 16.7mg (83% DV) per 100 grams 14.2mg (71% DV) per 3oz (85 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Liver
#4: Fish (Tuna) 22.1mg (110% DV) per 100 grams 18.8mg (94% DV) per 3oz (85 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Fish
#5: Chicken (Breast, cooked) 14.8mg (74% DV) per 100 grams 12.7mg (64% DV) per 1/2 breast (86 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Chicken
#6: Veal (Cooked) 12.6mg (63% DV) per 100 grams 10.7mg (54% DV) per 3oz (85 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Veal
#7: Peanuts (Roasted) 13.8mg (69% DV) per 100 grams 3.9mg (19% DV) per ounce (28 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Peanuts
#8: Spices (Chili Powder) 11.6mg (58% DV) per 100 grams 0.4mg (2% DV) per teaspoon (3 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Chili Powder
#9: Bacon (Cooked) 11.1mg (55% DV) per 100 grams 0.9mg (4% DV) per rasher (8 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Bacon
#10: Sun Dried Tomatoes 9.1mg (45% DV) per 100 grams 4.9mg (24% DV) per cup (54 grams) Click to see complete nutrition facts for Sun Dried Tomatoes
Department of Medical Biochemistry, DR. A.L.M. Post-Graduate, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Madras, Taramani Campus, Chennai, India.        Vascular Pharmacology     (Impact Factor: 4.62).       04/2008;  48(4-6):191-201.    DOI: 10.1016/j.vph.2008.02.003Source: PubMed


Tumour angiogenesis is a complex mechanism consisting of multi-step events including secretion or activation of angiogenic factors by tumour cells, activation of proteolytic enzymes, proliferation, migration and differentiation of endothelial cells. Both primary and metastatic tumours in the breast are dependent on angiogenesis. In the present study, 84 breast cancer patients were randomized to receive a daily supplement of CoQ(10) 100 mg, riboflavin 10 mg and niacin 50 mg (CoRN), one dosage per day along with tamoxifen (TAM) 10 mg twice a day. Serum pro-angiogenic levels were elevated in untreated breast cancer patients (Group II) and their levels were found to be reduced in breast cancer patients undergoing TAM therapy for more than 1 year (Group III). When these group III breast cancer patients were supplemented with CoRN for 45 days (Group IV) and 90 days (Group V) along with TAM, a further significant reduction in pro-angiogenic marker levels were observed. Supplementing CoRN to breast cancer patients has found to decrease the levels of pro-angiogenic factors and increase the levels of anti-angiogenic factors. A reduction in pro-angiogenic marker levels attributes to reduction in tumour burden and may suggest good prognosis and efficacy of the treatment, and might even offer protection from cancer metastases and recurrence.

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