Human Body Missing Manual

Posted: July 15, 2015 in Spiritual Healing

How many of us have really taken time to learn and understand how our body is designed and what it requires to function in its optimal level. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with a manual like our new car or a computer, so we are left on our own to figure it out… or just ignore it all together.

…And most of us do ignore… until it’s almost too late to repair.

Let’s get real. We take a better care for the things we own and take for granted this amazing biological machine that houses our being in this lifetime.

When we buy a new car, we do take time to get familiar with its operational manual. We want to make sure we fill it up with a suitable grade of gasoline. The oil has to be of a certain type and changed regularly. We take it in for regular tune ups and maintenance. We learn what is ‘natural’ (compatible) for this particular model, and we know what can happen when we neglect these requirements.

So why are we going on ‘experimenting’ with the most valuable asset we have, our own bodies?

Why are we ignoring common sense?

Why are we dumping harmful foods, drugs, alcohol in our stomachs, exposing ourselves to environmental toxins, depriving our bodies of proper rest and care?

The human body does have a tremendous, in-built self corrective ability, but as we know, it has limits. If its needs are not met and the abuse does not stop, sooner or later, it will begin to break down.

Obviously, we need to have a clear understanding of how our body functions and what it requires to be healthy. Let’s start with basics.

Our body runs on energy…

…it IS energy. Just like everything else in the universe. Every single object we see and touch is actually energy vibrating at certain frequency, as well as everything we cannot see and touch: thoughts, emotions, words/sounds, and even diseases.

This energy is electrical in nature and can be measured. In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technologies built a machine to measure bio-electrical frequencies. According to his research, a healthy human body vibrates in the range of 62-72 MHz. If the body frequency is lowered it starts decaying. Human cells start to mutate when their frequency drops below 62 MHz. Colds and flu start at 57-60 MHz. Disease sets in when the body vibrates at 55 MHz. 42 MHz is the frequency ‘suitable’ for cancer. Death begins at 25 MHz.

This study raises an important question: what factors affect our personal frequency and what can we do to maintain it at the healthy level?

Every cell of the body is acting as a mini battery that has to be recharged constantly from compatible, electrically alive sources to provide us with sufficient energy not only to perform our daily activities, but for the body itself carry out its perpetual functions to stay alive.

What are the main sources of energy for a human body?

Of course, first of all, it is food and water. Isn’t it what we spend a big chunk of our time on: earning money for buying food, preparing, and consuming it? Being insanely preoccupied with all these activities, we’ve completely lost the sense of the initial purpose of nutrition – to provide us with vital energy, in order to maintain body’s optimal, natural, balance.

However, how often do you really feel vibrant and energized after your meals?

The truth is that we’ve been conditioned to consume foods that are absolutely not compatible with our body’s electrical configurations. According to Tainio studies, fresh produce has a frequency up to 15 MHz, dry herbs from 12 to 22 MHz, fresh herbs from 20 to 27 MHz., while processes and canned foods have NO measurable frequency whatsoever.

Our bodies require a certain range of naturally formed vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and live enzymes in order to keep the cells nourished and energized. Most foods and drinks we consume are literally energetically dead: over processed, over cooked, and loaded with synthetic flavor enhancers, preservatives and therefore unnatural, distorted and extremely toxic for our ‘biological machine’.

Our bodies work on overdrive trying to eliminate the toxic substances using its natural energy and nutritional reserves to maintain its equilibrium, but having no sufficient compatible charge over a prolonged period of time it starts literally ‘eating ‘ itself away… the process that we call ‘disease’.

In order to regain health, we have to restore the body’s energetic/electrical balance

Start paying conscious attention to what ‘fuel’ you put into your body, directly through food and liquids, or indirectly, through cosmetics, soaps, and even detergents you use to wash your clothes. Remember, everything we put on the skin, the largest body organ, goes to our blood stream, and therefore, affects the electrical functioning of every cell in the body.

Do your homework on hazardous toxins that infuse 90% of SAD (Standard American Diet), cosmetics and household cleaning products. Read the labels! You will be shocked to learn how many literally poisonous elements mixed into the products to make it ‘pretty’, ‘yummy’, ‘smelly’ and endlessly ‘fresh’.

Consider organic produce and products. Although it’s a bit more expensive, but in the long run, you will be saving on the medical bills later. Pesticides and waxes used to grow and preserve non-organic produce have extremely low frequency.

Anything that is over processed, over cooked, over preserved is dead energetically. Yes, it will fill you up. Yes, it will ‘satisfy’ your messed up taste buds, but…. well, it’s dead! Your body doesn’t want it! Your mind does! However, the body is the one that has to process the lifeless mass and… gets nothing in return.

Energy Healing as an energy source

No doubt, genuine, authentic healers can help you boost your energy reserves and balance the energy flow in your body and there is no mystery behind it. Naturally, they hold a higher frequency, and your energy system is simply trying to match up to it by law of entrainment.

Keep in mind, an energy healer merely gives you a ‘jump start’, for you to have an opportunity to start making better lifestyle choices. If you cannot hold the charge, i.e. take care of yourself, you can either get addicted to ‘healers’, like some people get addicted to caffeine or simply end up wasting your time and money.

Healing does take an effort and determination, but, most important, it takes awareness and knowledge.

In the future articles we will discuss various factors that affect our personal energy field, and, therefore, our state of wellbeing, in a negative way, and what we can do to offset these influences to stay healthy.


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