According to some quantum physicists, the human body operates like a biological quantum computer, which is why it can generate frequency and process and store information beyond conventional computers. Some frequency researchers have agreed that a healthy human body’s frequency rates are between 62 and 78 MHz. Furthermore, they found that when the human body’s frequency drops below 62 MHz, it becomes vulnerable to illness and disease. This means that if you learn how to keep your body’s frequency above 62 MHz, you should rarely get sick.

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Here are four energy healing techniques to raise your frequency. If you use these energy healing methods to raise your frequency correctly, you should have more energy and be more immune to disease and illness.

Energy healing technique #1: Frequency therapy

Frequency therapy is a type of energy healing technique that utilizes the power of resonance, vibration, oscillation, and frequency to heal the body at its core and raise its frequency. If done correctly, frequency therapy can restore your health by raising the frequency of your cells back to their original state. Besides restoring your health and raising your frequency, frequency therapy can also be used to kill harmful microorganisms in your body without harming healthy tissues.

Every microorganism has certain unique frequency signatures that are essential for its survival. When a microorganism’s frequency signatures are disrupted with frequencies that are harmful to its body, it can cause the microorganism to die. A brilliant scientists who was able to invent a frequency generator that could destroy microorganisms using the power of frequency was Dr. Royal R. Rife. In the early 1900s, Dr. Rife did some experiments that successfully killed harmful microorganisms without harming healthy tissues using only frequency and high intensity light pulses. To learn more about his frequency healing device, read this informative article titled Rife Frequency Healing Machine: Scam or Real?

Energy healing technique #2: Sound therapy

Sound therapy is another energy healing technique used for healing the body at the energy level by exposing it to healing sound waves. For sound therapy to heal your body effectively, the device that is used to generate sound must produce frequencies that harmonize well with the frequencies of your body.

Using sound to heal your body and raise its frequency may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but if you understand that sound is one of the fundamental powers that nature uses to create life, you should know how powerful sound is for healing your body. Sound is so powerful that it is used by nature to organize matter into structuralized forms and sacred geometries. In other words, without sound life can’t exist. For evidence of how sound organizes matter into life and forms, read this empowering article titled Energy Healing Music for Revitalizing Your Soul.

Energy healing technique #3: Light therapy

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is a type of energy healing technique that is popular for treating pain, depression, fatigue, stress, and headaches. Many people don’t believe that light therapy can help treat these health conditions, but if only they understood the relationship between light and matter, they should know that light therapy does work. If used correctly, a well-built light therapy device can raise the frequency of your body, making it less vulnerable to illness and disease.

One of the most effective ways to increase your frequency with light is to go outside on a sunny day for 15-30 minutes every few hours. By doing this your body can absorb sunlight, which is great for stimulating your energy and increasing the frequency of your body. When exposing your body to sunlight, you should avoid wearing pants and long sleeve shirts, so that they don’t block sunlight from penetrating the skin of your arms and legs. Instead, wear shorts and t-shirts. You should also avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses during the first 30 minutes to allow your eyes to absorb more sunlight. To learn more about how light therapy works and its health benefits, click on the previous link.

Energy healing technique #4: Earthing

Earthing or grounding is a great technique to use for tapping into the energy of the Earth to raise your frequency. Unlike most energy healing techniques, earthing doesn’t require you to purchase any product or visit an energy healing practitioner for it to work properly. The best way to practice earthing is to go barefoot outside and walk on dirt. Lying half naked in dirt is even better, because it allows your body to absorb more energy of the Earth. This method isn’t as popular as walking barefoot, because it is too dirty for most people.

If walking barefoot outside isn’t your thing, you can use earthing products to help ground your body to the energy of the Earth. Some of the popular earthing products are earthing shoes and sandals, earthing mats, earthing pillow case, earthing blankets, and earthing sheets. To learn more about earthing and its energy healing benefits, read this informative article titled Benefits of Earthing (Grounding): Does Earthing Work?



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