Remember how much you wanted to make the Ice Bucket Challenge stop after the 3,456th one appeared in your Facebook feed?

Well, now there’s another social media challenge to swamp your timeline.

The idea WAS that women take off their tops and hold a can of Coca-Cola between their boobs, conceal their nipples to make the images vaguely Facebook censorship-friendly and then snap a selfie.

The #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge – which campaigners hope will match the popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge – is meant to raise awareness of breast cancer. AWARENESS!!!!!! Because yes, Coca Cola is all for curing cancer isn’t it – NOT! Just look at the ingredients in coke:

  • Carbonated tap water – Whatever is in unfiltered municipal water is also in your Coke. The carbonation that is added increases gastric secretions and can make you flatulent.
  • E150D – This is a food coloring, which is made from processing sugar at certain temperatures. Ammonium sulfate is then added. This chemical has been known to increase asthma attacks
  • E952 – This is a sugar substitute. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar and can cause your glycemic levels to sky-rocket. This can lead to diabetes, obesity and other diseases.
  • E950 – This is Acesulfame Potassium, and it aggravates the heart, vascular system, and nervous system. It is especially bad for children and pregnant women.
  • E951 – Aspartame – A GMO product which can cause seriously negative impact on your body. Symptoms of aspartame poisoning include: unconsciousness, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, palpitation, weight gain, irritability, anxiety, memory loss, blurry vision, fainting, joint pains, depression, infertility, hearing loss and more. Aspartame can also provoke the following diseases: brain tumors, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), epilepsy, Graves’ disease, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, mental deficiency and tuberculosis. Later, this substance was initially illegal due to its dangers but was again made legal in a suspicious manner.
  • E338 – Orthophosphoric Acid – This causes skin and eye irritation, and can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb calcium, causing osteoporosis.
  • E330 – Citric Acid – This is preservative that is also used in the medical field for preserving blood. In small doses it is fine, but in large doses it can eat away at your stomach and esophageal lining.
  • Aromas – Unknown aromatic additives.
  • E211 – Sodium Benzoate – According to a study completed by Peter Piper at the Sheffield University in Britain, sodium benzoate can harm DNA


The craze has already gone global women from America, Russia and France posting their selfies to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to urge women to check their cleavage for lumps and bumps. Now can someone please explain to me HOW IS THIS RAISING AWARENESS? When coke has the highest ingredients of known carcinogenics. Yeah smart bloody move that is!


Not only is this idiotic challenge offensive to women (and men) who have or are battling Breast Cancer but its also offensive to those women who have had to have breast removed due to cancer.

So myself and some amazing Facebook friends have decided to really show you REAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS. We have not posed with toxic materials between our breast, we have posed with actual cancer fighting foods such as lemons, pineapples etc.

So here you have it – Myself and my son Blaze, My good friends Danielle and Nicola( a fellow warrior) and yes our lovely Tony as well as Nicola’s husband Dean and a few more ladies (Hazel, Lisa, Angela and Sarah).

So lets get this ball rolling – whip your tops off and go take a selfie with some cancer fighting foods with the tag #CokeEqualsCancer

This is one challenge I want to see go far



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