UPDATE 2nd July 2015
So it seems my blog is being mentioned on an online forum discussing Marc. And a few questions have been raised.
1: No my tumour hasn’t grown – please post link to article stating this (and please do not refer to the lies that were published in the Daily Fail opps I meant Daily Mail).  2: The reason for my Facebook account being off line is ITS DEACTIVATED by my choice as healing from cancer I need to 100% focus on myself and not other peoples issues. Anybody that wants to contact me can do so accordingly here as I use this blog as a diary so I’m easily contactable. So because someone is offline doesnt mean their story isnt true.


The Internet – A place to get some great information and connect with some amazing people. But deep in the darkest relms of the world wide web lerks creatures who hide behind keyboards and try to make others lives a misery…..These are called Internet Trolls. And mine came in the form of new Big Brother contestant Marc O’Neill. untitled

After my brief appearance on Good Morning Britain and a few online articles which covered my story on choosing the natural route of healing for my Breast Cancer, I started to receive some amazing messages both via my Facebook page and my blog with people wishing me well on my journey as well as people who offered their support. But then there was one. At first I didn’t know who he was – he was just a face who popped up in my Facebook inbox with the message you see below.


This “person” (I can’t call him a man as no decent human being would be so vile and so evil) I later found out is called MARC O’NEILL and to my suprise he is now one of the new contestants in the Big Brother House.

As you can see from his very “nice” messages he has a very warming and caring nature when it comes to people who are battling Cancer.

image            image

To have someone approach you in such a disgusting manner whilst trying to heal from cancer is the most disturbing thing I have had to deal with since being diagnosed. The stress he caused me has had a major effect on my healing process as I now feel like I am being accused of such abhorant things.

I was called a liar and an attention seeker for my choice in my own treatment. I was told that because of me and my public appearance that many people will die following in my footsteps. But the worst was him WISHING CANCER ON ME!! This blog was for my own research purposes to log what research I had done over the months and to document my journey, it wasn’t to push any protocols and I most certainly do not sell products. My Blog has helped many people who have been diagnosed with Cancer to overcome the fear that has been put upon them – many of whom have taken the conventional route as well as supplementing with much needed vitamins and trace minerals. To be accused of leading people down the road to most certain death is the most evil thing to accuse someone of when all they are doing is sharing their own very personal experience in the hope many others facing this awful disease find some hope. But people like Marc and the many other trolls who like to abuse cancer patients who have chosen to take their own lives into their own hands, do not realise the stress and anxiety they cause. WE ARE ONLY TRYING TO STAY ALIVE – some with or without toxic treatments. We don’t deserve such hatred directed toward us.

What kind of person mocks someone who chooses not to have conventional treatment for Cancer? What sort of human mocks someone with Cancer full stop? Maybe he took his anger out on me after his dog that he had for several years died of cancer, but that is no reason to mock my choices in life. After all I’ve had my breast lump over eight years now (diagnosed 12 months ago) and with the help of certain vitamins and supplements I’m still here fighting strong… Who knows if that would be the case if I had taken conventional treatment – would I still be here? The choices I made to take my own illness into my hands wasn’t a hasty decision it was one that was thought over. I needed to equip my body with the right minerals and vitamins in order for my immune system to fight the disease. And that is exactly what I have been doing. As many of you are aware from my previous posts my “aggressive” invasive breast cancer hasn’t grown since first being diagnosed back in 2014. Which has confused my doctor as he expected it to spread within months of not receiving surgery and high dose chemotherapy. Maybe Marc should look at how happy my children are to have their mother still here …. Because that’s all I ever need to continue this fight.


I for one am disgusted at this persons accusations about my diagnosis and I know many of my friends are whom saw the messages when they were first sent to me. The feeling I was experiencing was not one I would wish on anybody.

I knew Big Brother was full of moronic imbiciles but this time they have taken the idiocy over board. Even friends on Facebook agree! Watching this guy perform for the cameras turns my stomach knowing how he treats people, innocent people online.

Dealing with Breast Cancer at such a young age, working 50 hours a week and being a full time single parent to two young children is a very stressful time. I have fears that I will not see my son’s grow into young men, I have fears that I may not make it. During a time like this stress is a huge factor in my healing process. And dealing with “sub-humans” who don’t think of how their words effect people is the most stressful part of it.

Anxiety switches on a gene that speeds up the spread of the disease
  • Study found that stress triggers a ‘master switch’ gene called ATF3
  • This corrupts the immune system, giving cancer an fast-track around body

Stress fuels cancer by triggering a ‘master switch’ gene which allows the disease to spread, according to new research.
Studies have shown that stress might promote cancer indirectly by weakening the immune system’s anti-tumor defense or by encouraging new tumor-feeding blood vessels to form.


  1. Sandra says:

    Please keep positive! I too am battling cancer by alternative routes and am beginning to attract a lot of interest at my church. In my experience those who are so against anyone who does things differently are those who are still angry at the loss of someone close. A friend who lost his wife and daughter to cancer has verbally attacked me in the same way as Marc O’Neill is attacking you. My defence – prayer! Someone who is so angry needs masses of prayer and God’s love. I will remember you and Marc in my prayers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sandra
      Yes seems we are attracting it the funny thing is if we had diabetes or any other health issue which we choose to heal naturally we wouldnt get this grief we get but because CANCER is such a big thing thats been pushed on us from the media to be scared of people get rattled uop and very opinionated even though they have never been in this situation.
      Having a family member have cancer is different to actually having it. Alot of vile messages ive received are from people who have lost loved ones to treatment not the actual cancer – maybe they know deep down their loved one couldve been saved but instead they take it out on us who are choosing to battle it this way
      Good luck on your journey
      If you are on facebook please add my page CANCER WONT BEAT ME


  2. Michael says:

    You have got Marc wrong. He supports alternative cancer treatments and believed Big pharma is suppressing them.


    • Well from my experience of him my view on him is not very nice. He wished cancer on me because i am healing naturally. He called me a liar. Instead of actual support my decision as a fellow human being. Also if he is so for alternative treatments for cancer and knowing what stress does to someone fighting it daily does why did he feel the need to publicly seek me out and send me a tirade of abuse? Marc never once asked me what protocols I do being a student of “science” he could have had valuable information but he didnt he choose to ridicule me and my choice for my own life. I dont believe for one moment he is in support of alternative/hollistic/chinese/ayurvedic treatments.
      The way he attacked me was disgusting. If it was your mother or sister who had to deal with him at such a distressful time would you be so supportive of his actions? Remember HE WISHED CANCER ON A HUMAN HE DOESN’T KNOW


    • And if he is in support of alternatives why did he accuse me of leading people astray????? After all you stated he supports alternative treatments…..its what he “believes in” so how am I leading people to their deaths??? You statement seems confused.
      If he was in full support he would’ve cheered me and others on with their fight. But he didn’t. He spoke like a true CRUK troll.


      • Michael says:

        Unfortunately many are brainwashed. Cancer is a business and a depopulation tool. There are no real efforts to cure cancer. I like Marc but if that is the case he is an ignoramus, and I know he can have a vicious tongue.

        Anyway forget him, I have had the same abuse for tweeting about studies on natural cures. I did not troll anyone, use profanity and talked science yet my twitter account was shut down. Most doctors are just drug pushers. The ones that speak the truth get attacked. I do not have cancer, but know a few women who have had breast cancer. They were given no advice whatsoever. Not even told to throw away deodorants with aluminium in them.

        Cancer is like a fungus, sugar feeds it and it thrives in acidic conditions. One must first remove all toxins from their environment. Do not consume anything but natural foods.

        research sodium bicarbonate for cancer
        research Dr Hulda Clark’s work
        Research Iodine; there is good evidence that many breast cancers are an Iodine deficiency disease.

        Fight Monsanto who are giving us cancer with their gylcophosphate in pesticides

        We have to look out for ourselves. The state wants total control of us. Chemo kills many people. Just look at Musician Chris Squire of Yes; diagnosed in May, now dead. I am sure without chemo he would of lived for years.



        Never give up. God bless.


      • Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I am very well versed in the like of Dr.Simoncini. But like all disease you have to start in the gut….like most cancer patients I have a leaky gut. In order to heal my body I need to heal the lining of my gut to ensure no toxins seep into my bloodstream. I do alot of lypmphatic rebounding and cleansing. Liver detox and dry skin brushing. Im on high dose
        Pancreatic Enzymes
        Acidophilus plus
        Alpha Lipoic Acid
        Ascorbate Acid (Vit C)
        B17 Apricot Kernels
        B17 Capsule
        Bio Fibre
        Calcium (B5)
        Camu Camu powder
        Cats Claw
        Cell Salts
        Co Q10
        Dandelion Root
        Flax seed oil
        Grape Seed Extract
        Hemp Oil
        Kelp Extract (Iodine)
        Lipsomal Vit C
        Lugol’s Iodine
        Magnesuim Citrate
        Milk Thistle
        MSM capsules
        Papaya Leaf Extract
        Reishi Extract
        Vit C
        Vit D3
        Vit E
        Vit K2
        I was a raw vegan but was losing too much essential body fat so now i do 20% animal proteins 10% beans/nuts and 70% plant protein. I havent had sugar,processed foods etc for over 18 months. I dont have tooth fillings and I dont use Deodrant spray (only natural products as well as cleaning products) I dont drink chlorinated water. And dont wear and underwire bra. Im very good friends with Chris Woolen who writes for canceractive 🙂


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