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Diagnosed With Cancer?

Here Are 11 Effective, Natural Strategies To Kill Your Cancer


A diagnosis of cancer, or even a suspicion of cancer is darn fearful. You reflect on friends or family who died of cancer. Of all the celebrities who got cancer, gradually deteriorated and died. (Other than Suzanne Somers who went alternative, thrived, survived, and wrote a book about it.) Even every TV show or movie featuring someone with cancer has them dying at the end.


This list shows foods / supplements which show benefit in cancer treatment, and are proposed as possibly beneficial in conjunction with traditional treatment. We should not expect too much from applying these ideas – there areImage result for supplements certainly no guarantees of success, but the more that are used, consistently, in the context of a positive outlook and good conventional care, the better the chances of a successful outcome. Vitamins and minerals also protect healthy cells from damage caused by conventional treatments and speed recovery (whether surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy); thay also reduce the likelihood of recurrence.


Remember how much you wanted to make the Ice Bucket Challenge stop after the 3,456th one appeared in your Facebook feed?

Well, now there’s another social media challenge to swamp your timeline.


So this is far by the best banana bread that i have made and this recipe is for keeps. one of my baking success recipe. the bread was light, soft, moist and perfect for an eggless or vegan bread.

I have added sunflower seeds in the bread to make it more nutritious but you can easily skip adding them. i have made the bread with organic whole wheat flour, but if you want you can make the bread with all purpose flour or half-half of both the flours.


Our body operates on 3 major cycles that are necessary for the proper interaction between us and the foods we eat. Between 4am and 12pm our body goes through its cleansing cycle. At this point is where our body tries to rid itself of all the ingested toxic waste. Now you should know the reason why we have the urge for urination or have bowel movement in the mornings after waking up. Heavy meals are not recommended within this morning cycle. For it will disrupt the cleansing process and potentially jeopardize the wellbeing of our body. If you are going to eat, have only fruits and vegetable; smoothies and drinks are also fine. However the best thing to help with the cleansing process is water.
First and last meal should be between 12pm and 7pm
A person that “eats around the clock” often times appears to have a bulge in their gut. In a lot of cases, it is because they haven’t giving their body time to properly digest its food. Imagining someone saying that they are hungry while they are filled with so much undigested food? This should tell you that something is awfully wrong here. The body is being tricked into thinking that it needs what it already has an abundance of. In this case the body is a not necessarily hungry but is having an addictive crave. In most cases it is because of the high levels of sugar (an addictive drug) content that is in the food.
At noon, when our sun is above our heads in the sky is when our body enters its second cycle before ending at 7pm. Your heaviest meal should be taken in at this time for it is your digestion period. It is recommended to have only one meal per day. If you are not at that point in your dietary exercise try to have a heavy meal in the early day and something very light in the late afternoon. Keep in consideration that it takes about 4 hours for your food to leave your stomach and enter our intestines. This means that you should only be eating on an interval of at least 4 hours apart.
In the evening after sun down our body enters its 3rd cycle for the day. This is known as the simulation cycle. It is where our body takes our digested food and applies it to wherever needed. In every cell in our body there is an engine that is responsible for virtually everything we do. From our mental state to our physical abilities is entirely dependent upon the state of this engine called the mitochondria. The mitochondria are responsible for releasing ATP energy that controls all functionalities in our body. Why are we mentioning this? During the late evenings and onwards is when the mitochondria are slowed down so that it gets to absorb the digested minerals.
Slowing down of the mitochondria is a part of the reason why our body temperature drops. Mitochondria are also responsible for the heating system in our body. The slowing down of your cell’s engine makes it vulnerable to unwanted things getting into it. All diseases states are develop by this process, by having parasitic fungus getting into your cell’s engine and colonizing it. A person is very easy to gain weight at this time because food is not being digested properly but only gets into our cells unnaturally.

This Pad Thai-inspired raw food salad is hearty enough to serve as an entree. the flavor really comes from the freshly chopped cilantro, so whatever you do, don’t substitute the raw fresh cilantro for dried. It just won’t be the same if you do! Try this raw food recipe for a delicious and nutritious raw foods Pad Thai salad.


UPDATE 2nd July 2015
So it seems my blog is being mentioned on an online forum discussing Marc. And a few questions have been raised.
1: No my tumour hasn’t grown – please post link to article stating this (and please do not refer to the lies that were published in the Daily Fail opps I meant Daily Mail).  2: The reason for my Facebook account being off line is ITS DEACTIVATED by my choice as healing from cancer I need to 100% focus on myself and not other peoples issues. Anybody that wants to contact me can do so accordingly here as I use this blog as a diary so I’m easily contactable. So because someone is offline doesnt mean their story isnt true.


The Internet – A place to get some great information and connect with some amazing people. But deep in the darkest relms of the world wide web lerks creatures who hide behind keyboards and try to make others lives a misery…..These are called Internet Trolls. And mine came in the form of new Big Brother contestant Marc O’Neill. untitled