Have you ever asked yourself…. Why isn’t there a Diabetes Act or an Alzheimer Act but there seems to be a CANCER ACT?

Yes you heard right.

It does appear that not many people know anything about it, yet many thousands of people have, and will continue to suffer from it’s effects.

Basically, it is a particularly restrictive and pernicious piece of legislation which prevents people from writing or speaking about the FACT that it is indeed possible to cure cancer using alternative methods.

The Cancer Act may also be the reason why many websites and blogs are now being threatened with fines of up to £1000, simply for alerting people to the very real dangers associated with conventional treatments

If you do even the most basic research, you will find that among the excuses that have been put forward for the introduction of this act, was to ‘Protect the public from Quackery and Charlatans,’ but it now appears far more likely, to ensure that all types of cancers, were only to be treated by ‘Radium-Based’ methods (Cancer Inducing Radiation).

It may have also been seen, as being necessary to introduce such an act to protect the profits of Pharmaceutical companies, as in 1938, there were people only too aware of the risks and were offering people viable alternatives. – outlawjimmy.com

My question I pose to you lovely readers of my blog

If this Act stands as it is – Why aren’t private hospitals who offer “cures” or even these ridiculous charities ie: CRUK being arrested under said Act of Parliment? Why is it just the “little” people who are being slapped with this quite frankly evil piece of legislation?

The Cancer Act 1939 is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed in 1939 to make further provision for the treatment of cancer, to authorise the Minister of Health to lend money to the National Radium Trust, to prohibit certain advertisements relating to cancer, and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid. The Act does not apply in Northern Ireland.

Here you can find the actual legislation http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Geo6/2-3/13/contents

  1. Hi Kelly.

    My name is Vince Gledhill and I was diagnosed with Rectal cancer in December 2014 and have fought it myself. I saw this page on facebook and am really glad that you’ve pointed this legislation out.

    I didn’t know about the act, and it is something I will now look into further. Lobbying my MP to have it changed. Because, now I’m cancer free, I want to shout it from the rooftops.

    My telephone number is on my own blog which is soon to be updated with my all clear news, should you wish to give me a call for a chat, please feel free to do so, my mobile number is at the top right of my blog.

    Oh, and I read your “C” word article too… and know exactly where you’re coming from.

    Kindest regards. You WILL beat it.

    Vincent Gledhill


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