There is a simple non-drug natural therapy – treatment – remedy for stopping and reversing cancer.



The Natural Cancer Therapy is a complete, safe, non-toxic cancer therapy, based on the research of Dr. Matthias Rath, Dr. Hugh Riordan, and others. It can be used instead of standard oncological cancer therapy. This therapy has been shown to reverse cancer, stop cancer spread and metastases, and enhance health. It is non-toxic and has no adverse side effects. And even if is taken after standard oncology therapy, the regimen helps to rebuild and maintain the immune system and prevent metastases.

You can get the nutritional supplements used for this therapy easily. They are readily available and affordable. You do not need to pay huge amounts of money for rare or exotic substances. You do not need to drink gallons of vegetable or fruit juice. You do not need to travel to Mexico, Bermuda, China or Switzerland. The therapy is easy for you to understand and follow without technical training.

Where does cancer come from?

Cancer cells arise from a toxic chemical, biological, or radiation exposure. Their DNA has been mutated, and they begin to imagesCA2IJPNEreproduce abnormally fast. Normally, the immune system recognizes cancer cells and isolates and destroys them without intervention. But if there are too many, or your immune system is compromised, they reproduce rapidly and then spread using a protein-dissolving enzyme called protease.

How can cancer be stopped?

In 1991, Dr. Matthias Rath found that the amino acid lysine, when combined with vitamin C, appeared to inhibit the action of protease. In spring, 2002, he and his research team announced that they had discovered that adding the amino acid proline and an extract of green tea called EGCG had stopped protease destruction of collagen – connective tissue.

The natural cancer regimen works in six ways:

  1. The core nutrients in the regimen stop the spread of cancer cells by inhibiting the action of protease. In other words, the protease molecules are neutralized by components of the regimen, which act as “decoys” to neutralize the protease, keeping it from destroying collagen in living tissue. The cancer cells then become isolated and then cannot reproduce or spread.
  2. The regimen builds and strengthens your immune system by supplying the raw materials for building healthy white blood cells, which can identify, surround, and destroy unhealthy and cancerous cells.
  3. The regimen contains two known selective chemotherapeutic agents. Unlike non-selective pharmaceutical chemotherapies such as tamoxifen or radiation therapy, which are toxic to all cells in the body, these selective chemotherapeutic agents are only toxic to cancer cells. They trigger a mechanism called apoptosis – programmed cell death – but only in abnormal and cancerous cells. They are perfectly safe to normal cells.
  4. The antioxidants in the regimen acts as a toxin “sponge mop.” Often the cause of the cancer – toxic chemicals – are still present in the body, and cancer cells also produce toxins (other than protease) that can destroy other cells. Antioxidants directly neutralize some of these toxins into harmless chemicals (that are then excreted), or help other detoxifying body mechanisms, such as in the liver.
  5. The core components in the regimen allow your body to quickly rebuild and regenerate the connective tissue – collagen – that has been destroyed by the cancer cells.
  6. The regimen provides sufficient nutrients – vitamins and minerals – to restore normal cellular metabolism. These nutrients are often deficient in cancer patients.

In summary, this cancer remedy is unique in that it uses completely natural food-grade nutrients to enhance the body’s innate cancer-fighting and restorative abilities.


Why is this therapy superior to other natural therapies?

This regimen of this therapy is built upon the very “raw materials” that build and rebuild the connective tissue that cancer cells are either attempting to destroy or have already destroyed. The regimen provides multi-faceted protection against the cancer cells – protease inhibition as well as immune enhancement – and at the same time enabling the body to heal and rejuvenate. In lower doses, it can be used as a lifetime regimen to maintain health.


Other cancer therapies, such as Protocel (also called Cancell, Cantron, Sheridan’s formula) attempt to “starve” cancer by modifying basic body metabolism. This is counterproductive – it reduces immunity and cellular energy, enabling the cancer to return. The instructions for many of these so-called “cures” even tell you not to take some of the most essential nutrients for health, such as vitamin C. Complete depletion of vitamin C is life-threatening.

Where can I see testimonials of people who have used this regimen?

This regimen is primarily based on the research and clinical work of Dr. Matthias Rath, the research physician who discovered natural protease inhibitors. He has a very impressive collection of testimonials at his research website:

Is this natural cancer therapy safe?

The cancer therapy nutrients are ordinary food nutrients. The regimen has no side effects.

Does this cancer regimen interfere with chemotherapy or radiation therapy?

The regimen does not interfere with these oncology procedures; in fact, the vitamin C in the regimen reduces the side effects of these drugs by neutralizing toxins produced by their action in your body.

What about other medications and insulin?

If you are currently taking a drug to reduce cholesterol, you will need to have your physician monitor your cholesterol count carefully and frequently when you start the natural therapy, since the regimen (through a different mechanism) also addresses the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

If you are taking other heart or blood-pressure remedies (e.g., beta blocker, calcium channel blocker), ask your doctor to carefully monitor the symptoms that these drugs are supposed to address, and taper off the dosage as your cardiovascular system becomes healthy again on its own.

Why don’t most doctors know about this therapy?

This therapy and other natural remedies for chronic illness are not known by most doctors because their primary source of information is the pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry, which have no incentive to publicize non-patentable, inexpensive, natural remedies or cures. Doctors are literally barraged each day with drug company reports, press releases, and free samples. Meanwhile, we are treated to advertisements for these expensive new pharmaceutical “remedies” on television and in virtually every newspaper and magazine in the United States, so that we know just which drugs to ask for from our doctors.

The conventional treatments for chronic illnesses do not generally cure or prevent these illnesses, but instead call for expensive maintenance drugs, toxic chemicals, or radiation that destroy the immune system and inhibit healing.

These maintenance and/or toxic therapies represent hundreds of billions of dollars per year in drug company revenue. Thus cheap, non-patentable natural remedies and cures represent a major threat to these companies.

Therapies to avoid

There are dozens of so-called cancer treatments or cures that have long-term negative consequences. Most are complete scams that are actually harmful. A few of them may kill cancer temporarily, but because they so weaken your metabolic functions that the cancer will most surely come back with a vengeance and probably kill you. Some of them reveal their harmful nature by telling you not to take vitamin C, which is both an essential nutrient for many metabolic processes and a critical part of your detoxification and immune systems. When they tell you not to take vitamin C, they are revealing that their “alternative treatment” is toxic and will cause you to get ill. And as I mentioned earlier, vitamin C depletion is life-threatening.

These are the “alternative treatments” to especially avoid:

Protocel (also called Cancell, Cantron, Sheridan’s Formula)


Infrared sauna (especially far infrared, which actually causes cancer)

Cesium therapy

Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)

Zeolite liquid (powdered zeolite is OK for detoxification, but does not help for cancer)

Essiac Tea

Alkaline pH

Coral Calcium

Any treatment that specifies not to take Vitamin C



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