No Time to Piss About

Posted: May 6, 2015 in My Journey

I may have cancer but I will not let it ruin me. Times I’ve sat at home feeling sorry for myself not wanting to do anything let alone do basic things like brush my hair but I’ve had to dust myself off and solider on for my children and my own sanity. I could easily let this eat me up and totally ruin my outlook on my healing process but I refuse to, I have too much riding on this to let it get the better of me.


I have two beautiful children and an amazing family that need me and I can’t do much if I let this poxy disease rule my life.

I have never been one to back down from a fight, even as a teenager I was always the mouthy one of our little gang and nothing has really changed over the years. I’m still very gobby and always question everything. In a way this helped me in my decision to go natural and heal the root cause, it gave me the bulls to say NO to consultants who basically just saw me as a cash cow instead of a human in need of help.
Each time I have attended an appointment with a surgeon or consultant I have left feeling even more positive about my choice and less positive about the help they actually want to offer.
But that’s another story………

Now is my time to see what I’m really made of. See what my purpose is….what my goal is. Before my diagnosis I was stumbling through life doing the sane thing day in day out. But since I have publicly come out and shared my story I feel it has opened up a new network and loving family which offer so much support.
Yes I may have my moments when I feel like the hulk wants to rip out of my skin but I guess I’m only human we all have our tipping point. But this is surely a journey I am learning from and hopefully others are learning through me.



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