When my story hit online it caused a bit of a storm amongst the great British public.  But it was a good storm…….the kind that wakes you up out of your deep slumber.

This then manifested itself into what you are about to see…..a live TV interview. Yes this was very shocking as this isn’t something the media normally portray to the public. Even though I feel there was a hidden agenda behind their reason to interview me. Was it to discredit those who do alternative knowing that the internet has created a platform for natural healers to come forward? Maybe. Was it to discredit me in my journey? Absolutely. But it still didn’t stop me getting my message across and in a way I felt the majority of the public understood.

Being interviewed on live TV was very nerve wracking as you can see but I firmly believe that if you believe in yourself you must stand up for it.

As alot of you may be aware I wasn’t allowed to talk about the “Alternative” treatments and protocols I do in order to aid my body in the healing process these will be covered in a future blog post.

I am glad my message is out there – conventional treatments maybe fine for other people but for me its JUST NOT RIGHT

  1. Robin Mott says:

    Go Kelly! You looked a bit she’ll shocked but then I would be too. Which clinic are you hoping to go to in Mexico. Is it the Northern Baja Centre. When do you go back to see your doctor next?


  2. Jeremy says:

    I was diagnosed nearly five years ago and I felt pressurised to go down the medical route. I shall follow your path with great interest and send you all my good wishes. I left my medical experiences believing there must surely be a better way than scarring, poisoning and irradiating. I feel your steadfastness to speak out is a voice needed to be heard. I am grateful you have had the courage to do so. A Doctor told me when I was seriously ill from the after effects ‘We have to poison you to get you better’ and I thought ‘Isn’t that going against his Hippocratic oath of, ‘If in doubt do no harm’?’ Another Dr said ‘ You have no choice’ than surgery. I know now he meant HE had no choice than surgery. Of course, there are many other choices and I support you in finding the path which resonates most for you. One thing I found out was make sure you juice with organic produce or else you are feeding yourself a toxic cocktail of chemicals. Another possibility might be Dr Tuillo Simoncini who advocates bicarbonate of soda. You are an inspiration. May you be guided and free from harm.

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  3. ann says:

    Fantastic Kelly- myself and my family are behind you all the way. My brother-in-law and 3 of my aunties had the toxic treatment and it killed them. They would still be alive if they had not had this treatment and it all comes down to the drug companies do not want a cure as there is no money in people surviving cancer.


    • Hey Ann So sorry to hear of your loss, i believe with all my heart the treatment offered doesnt work (Yes, in most cases like childhood cancer its has a higher success rate) I have experienced losing close friends once they ha d the chemo and surgery and the surgery to remove a tumour actually aided in the spread of more secondary cancers as the cells werent removed properly. Thnk you for you support from you and your amazing family xxxxx Kelly


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