I have always been raised to stand up for what I believe in no matter what it is – and this was my stance on my journey with Breast Cancer. I wasn’t going to lay down and let the big pharmaceutical companies claim me for one of their victims, I was making a stand for what I believed in. I was taking my own life into my own hands for my children and most importantly ME

With my son Logan

An article was released on-line which in my and many other peoples views came across to the public that I was stating that those with cancer were being selfish in their decision to take conventional treatment. This was not the case – this was my choice and I was in no way promoting that those who have been diagnosed with any form of cancer should follow in any protocols I may be doing for my own healing process. The Newspaper article can be read here you can make up your own mind up on how the media tried to discourage my attempt and faith in my healing process. Trolls were doing what they also do best but lucky for me I am very thick skinned and don’t let opinions of people affect my life or my decision. There was lots of “Guilt Tripping” using my children as bait with general ignorant comments such as “What will happen to your children when you die?” – The same that will happen if I die of treatment – they will be with their father, who failed to even get a mention in the story which then fueled the comments about me possibly being a single parent. My partner is there 100%, he is fully supportive of my decision to go natural and he will be there for our children regardless of the outcome.

At Nottinghill Carnival 2014

Within a few hours of my story being on-line, I had been contacted by an agent to appear on Good Morning Britain for an interview. This was my opportunity to get my point across. No I wasn’t going to heal myself with a few carrots and supplements, it was a process that I had to prepare my body for. Yes this does include a Raw Vegan Diet and various supplements but it is so much more then that.  My goal is to heal my body so that it can do the amazing job it is supposed to do.

Here is a quick clip of my appearance on the TV show (There is a second section available online somewhere I just cant find it)

Due to the nature of my treatments ie B17 in the form of Apricot Kernels, Cannabis and hydrogen peroxide protocols I wasn’t able to mention any of these on air due to legal implications it could cause the TV company.

The reason why I choose NO CHEMO 

Chemotherapy and Radiation has never really sat well within me and it was never a choice that I was ever going to take whether the situation took a turn for the worse or not. I just never quite understood how you could use poison to CURE CANCER. The majority of patients who undergo chemotherapy are offered this service straight after diagnosis – this is a big big problem. 1: You have just been given devastating news that you have cancer – it is a known fact that stress causes your immune system to lower. 2: You will undergo grueling surgery to either remove a tumor or part of body ie Breast – this will then further lower you immune system then 3: Your attacked with something that was used in chemical warfare to kill “bad” cells which further obliterates your very low immune system.

Chemo isn’t smart or clever – it doesn’t know the difference between Good or Bad cells. And it has now come to light that these treatments actually encourage growth in tumors due to their carcinogenic ingredients.

Yes there are many success stories but there are also lots of stories where it hasn’t been very successful and infact have caused more cancers to grow and spread.

The fact that stats are now showing in 2015 that one in two people will now be effected by Cancer is a high indicate that these treatments arent working as well as hoped by the pharmaceutical companies who gain to profit from them.

The main causes for this high rise in cancer are

  • Toxins within our homes (plastics, cosmetics, cleaning products, air diffusers etc)
  • Negative People
  • Negative Feelings (Emotion stress/Resentment etc.)
  • Toxic Environments
  • Stress
  • Heavy metals via Vaccinations and Tap Water
  • Dental Infections and Fillings
  • Sugar
  • Processed Foods
  • Diary Products
  • Chemically enhanced meats (Organic is preferred) and a general bad diet

My goal has always been to rid my body of toxins, rid toxins from my life ie: negative people, toxic environments and negative feelings

  • Plenty of Green Juicing
  • Skin Scrubbing
  • Liver Detoxing
  • Gut Maintenance
  • Raw Vegan Diet
  • Alkalizing
  • Exercise
  • Plenty of Oxygen
  • Plenty of Sleep
  • Letting go of all negative feelings and people who cause stress
  • Relaxation ie meditation, yoga etc.
  • Supplements & Vitamins
  • Plenty of Sunlight and Sun Gazing
  • Laughter and Love

Now that my story is out there in the public I hope this will help others (who are on the same journey of natural healing over conventional) overcome the fear of speaking out and stand up for what they want for their lives.

  1. Eleni says:

    Hello!! I believe that GOD is with YOU and your family! I believe, you will be fine!! Search in Google about Dr. Mercola and Iodine. Lugol Solution 5% can help you… I’m Brazilian, and I’m studying about this theme, here in Brazil we have dr. Lair Ribeiro, he teach about this themes too…

    Good Luck and God bless you and your family!

    PS: sorry my poor English… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much for your message i am currently looking into iodine for myself will look into lugol solution you have recommended 🙂


  3. So you´re refusing chemo but are you still doing a mastectomy surgery?


  4. Suzy says:

    As a nutritionist and naturopath – you are doing absolutely the right thing for your body, detoxification techniques such as advocated by the Gerson therapy are also useful, keep Looking After You!


  5. i love your story! i read the daily mail article and i agree the comments are so focused on what is going to happen to the kids, yet they are ignoring the fact that you will not be there for the kids, if you die from conventional treatment.so your choice becomes flood your body with poisons or flood your body with nutrients and they fault you for not taking the poisons choice. i am also a raw vegan(80-10-10). we get looked at like we are from mars, because we eat real food not the crap from a typical SAD diet. have you heard of Chris Wark he beat cancer 10 years ago from diet change . https://www.facebook.com/chrisbeatcancer/info?tab=page_info . Also my friend Megan Sherow beat brain cancer with a raw vegan diet (her mom has said that she starting getting seizures after a vaccine). http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/teen-megan-sherow-heals-brain-cancer-with-raw-food/
    Ruth Heidrich beat breast cancer with a vegan diet, i think it was 30 years ago. she is in her 70’s and still runing marathons.


  6. Valerie Rettie says:

    I wish you all the best Kelly. A very brave and I have no doubt difficult decision. Had you looked into this BEFORE you were diagnosed? What type of cancer do you have, is it limited to your breast? I was diagnosed with double BC Jan 2012, ER+ and lost that year to Chemo, Bi lateral mastectomy, & Radiotherapy. I have had to have a couple of reconstruction surgeries due to problems….I do not do things the easy way Lol. You are right about how they hit you with stuff while you are still trying to get your head around diagnosis. Consultant told me the NICE guidelines are 30 days ftom diagnosis until treatment starts ..only now am I feeling it all hit me! I chose to put my trust in my Consultant/Surgeon, and did a lot of research before I started treatment. I questioned her reasoning for my particular treatment – neo adjuvent, and the need for surgery etc. I didn’t have a lump..I has multiple clusters and lymph node involvement. I chose to go with my consultants experience, knowledge & skill. I know the ‘cure’ has wrecked me, add a 7 hour major reconstruction op 6 months ago and I am worn out…with more surgery needed. However, I can only keep hoping it doesn’t come back, there is no all clear, just NED status…No Evidence of Disease. I am taking Tamoxifen, hating the side effects and often ready to chuck them in the bin! I could not be disciplined enough to do what you are doing even if I did think it was worthwhile. Respect to you and wishing you all the strength & health to fight this awful diagnosis. Would love to hear how you are getting on now & then


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