COMING SOON – the complete “Alternative” Cancer treatment eBook. “Time to Erase Cancer”
This eBook will cover subjects such as What is Cancer and its causes? What Alternatives are out there? Natural treatments and Protocols.
This book has covered subjects that have helped me in my journey with Breast Cancer and I hope one day it can help others too.

time to erase cancer  copy

  1. Julie says:

    Well done you for having the sheer determination and courage to stand your ground. I’ve lost very close family members to this horrid vile disease. I’m a firm believer that in most cases where sufferers have received chemotherapy, its the chemo that kills and not the cancer. Until we actually try, we’ve no idea how absolutely resiliant our bodies can be. So good on you for not being coerced into putting an awful toxic poison into your own body but instead everything that nature has given us. All my love, faith, hope and prayers to you x x x x


  2. I was raised to always question things and this was sonething i questioned. Would i still be here if i took treatment back in 2014 maybe not….but i wasnt willing to take that risk xx


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