The last time I did a pH strip test was a good 6 weeks ago, the results weren’t great as they were still showing I was very acidic with a pH below 6.0. I admit over the weeks I had a few slips where I would have a cheeky coffee before work but I knew I had to get back on track.

So over the past month I’ve been on my raw vegan diet religiously without slipping once which I’m very proud of. My supplement intake has increased and I have been doing a few protocols (msm,DMSO and hydrogen peroxide) which I have also stuck to in order to get my health back on track…..well its working


This morning I tested my pH level and to my surprise….its risen dramatically. I am now well into the 8.0 pH which is the ideal environment to kill cancerous cells.

I am now going into 2015 more positive about my diagnosis…. I know I can beat this now WordPress Post

Happy new year everybody x


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