Introduction to Hydrogen Peroxide As A Cancer Treatment

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Alternative Therapy
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This article describes how to use hydrogen peroxide in the treatment of cancer. However, this article will go much further into the theory of hydrogen peroxide than other articles. For example, this article will discuss why the protein coating which covers all cancer cells may reduce the effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide protocol and how to overcome this issue.

But before getting into the use of hydrogen peroxide to treat cancer, it should be emphasized that while hydrogen peroxide is an excellent treatment for cancer, using hydrogen peroxide to cure cancer does not deal with many key issues faced by advanced cancer patients whose bodies have been severely damaged by their cancer and by their orthodox cancer treatments. In many cases, it is not the cancer cells which kill cancer patients, but rather other issues, such as damage to key organs, damage to non-cancerous cells, etc.

Examples of what hydrogen peroxide does not deal with would include:
1) rebuilding the immune system,
2) rebuilding the damage done to the stomach and colon by chemotherapy,
3) dealing with cachexia directly,
4) protecting the non-cancerous cells from the damage done by cancer and orthodox treatments.
5) protecting the organs from damage caused by the cancer and orthodox treatments,


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