This was kindly written by a good friend of mine, Brooke Stern (please feel free to visit him on Facebook)

Initially Cancer cells are handled by your immune system in the ways previously stated.  Ideally your healthy cells will overcome the mutated cell, and facilitate it’s natural apoptosis or just consume it and die off themselves.  If they cannot do this they will wall it off inside of a tumor.  So we must look at first destroying Cancer cells individually or at the chemical level, and then look at strategies or treatments to destroy tumor structures.

Healthy Cells consuming the the oxygen, in order to produce the bodies clean energy source from the sugars leaving the byproducts behind of co2 (carbon) and h2o (water).  As co2 is a byproduct, it is then carried away by the blood as build ups of co2 are toxic to the healthy cells.

Unhealthy Cells act in the reverse way, needing to surround itself with co2 in order to breath; and releasing the substance Lactic Acid – which is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that causes a similar effect to caffeine on the human body (simulates the effects of a a sudden stress increase).


” CO2, Lactic Acid and Sugar all feed the Cancer, whilst O2 and H20 destroy it.”

These build ups of Lactic Acid laced with secretions of co2 cause many health problems themselves as they further limit the efficiency of the immune system of the body.  So to destroy these unhealthy Cancerous cells, we must deprive them of the fuels they need to live (sugars and co2) and supplant them with the things they find toxifying (oxygen and healthy immune cells).

This will also create a more healthy environment for your bodies healthy cells to progress and wipe out the illness along with direct treatment.  The key environmental factors are, production and transport of oxygen to areas needing immune system repair; and consistency of alkaline atmospheric conditions in wich Cancer cells cannot survive.

Ideally then, you want to up your levels of oxygen and natural easily absorbed sugar, stick to the foods in the chart on the left, as well as taking whatever supplements or medicines your particular treatment plan includes.  It goes without saying that you need to avoid all sources of saturated or artificially injected or created sugars such as fast food, carbonated drinks, you could even cut out things like caffeine and MSG it all depends how much effort you are willing to put in, so that you can smash the Cancer and be 100% fit and healthy again.

I am a smoker myself, but I resolved this by saying if I ever get ill like that, I would just quit for the duration of my treatment and remission.  After that I could choose to smoke again or not.

Once you have your diet and supplementary additions arranged, so that you are avoiding all the bad things whilst nourishing yourself well; it’s time to focus on your physical fortitude and immune system strength.  With physical action, even very light excercise but on a regular basis you can provde a huge resource and moral boost for your faithful immune system.  Getting into a routine of action that includes excercise and fresh air is vital to any treatment plan.

The last thing I will mention that doctors seem to have a single and very bad answer to, is stress related illness and depression during Cancer treatment.  These sorts of things have a sizeable negative effect upon the patient and on the success ratio of treatments, and so if they are presented should be solved as a top priority along with direct treatment..

Your immune system relies upon your state of mind, it connects your nervous system to your bodies defences and so inevitably it will work far better when you feel strong, and your motivation to survive is high.

Those are the things you yourself can arrange or apply that really, you would have to try quite hard in order to make them harmful and will more than likely help you recover.  Below I will also go through the various treatments which are available to anybody over the internet, and that do not cost anywhere near as much as the conventional methods of Cancer removal, such as Chemotherapy (drug therapy) and Radiotherapy (radiation wave therapy), and finally medical surgery (physical removal of tumor matter).


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