For those who are at this time afflicted with different forms of cancer (or with AIDS), the purpose of this article is to offer possible sources of hope and potential types of cure, whether you believe it or not, so that you may be better able to try to help yourself help yourself.

At this time seriously recommended, for all people with all forms of cancer which are not beyond the hopeless stage of recovery, is consideration of two herbal remedies, by the names of Flor-Essence and Essiac. Both of these remedies are essentially the same herbal combination with minor differences, and they have both been proven by experience to be highly successful in the absolute cure of certain forms of cancer. The essential herbs found within these remedies are; burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, watercress herb, Turkish rhubarb root, kelp, blessed thistle herb, and red clover blossom. For more information on these cures, go to your local independent health food store and ask for the book “The Essiac Report: Canada’s Remarkable Unknown Cancer Remedy” by Richard Thomas. In that book you can read about the problems and persecutions experienced by Rene Caisse in her attempt to bring this proven cancer remedy to the public, and about the disgraceful actions perpetrated against her by certain national medical associations in their attempts to forestall her efforts. You can also read about how these herbal remedies naturally strengthen the immune system, and you can come to your own conclusions about the other possible benefits the remedies may provide.

The present condition of human health is a manifestation of the collapsing physical and mental environment. Air pollution, water pollution, chemical pollution in the foods, radiation pollution, and pollution of the minds and the lives of the people perpetrated by certain forces in the world, have produced a general condition of poor physical and mental health for so many people. Because of all this, people would be wise to use Ginseng and Bee Pollen on a daily basis as the foundation of their diet. Ginseng provides necessary food for the brain, and Bee Pollen provides necessary nutrients for the body, and both substances used together as part of a daily regimen will ensure proper physical and mental nutrition for anyone who chooses to use them. And people would also be wise to use American Ginseng Root, which generally originates in Wisconsin and which has been found to be as potent, if not more, than its Oriental predecessors.

All in all, the wisest general advice that can be given is to seek an abundance of foods with positive energies in relation to your body and mind, and pursue a prudence in your exposure to objects with negative energies in relation to your body and mind. Because of that, the use of whole natural foods is generally recommended as opposed to processed foods with a regimen of supplements, however, at the same time, people should consider using Golden Seal Root on a regular, but not daily basis, as a preventative against all forms of physical disease. The use of specific supplements as part of a daily regimen is best considered as a solution for specific personal needs, and not as part of an all-encompassing plan of nutritional enhancement. At the same time is well-known that the natural foods that are being produced today are also lacking in essential nutrients, due to the denuding of the soil of necessary elements, however, it is still wise to use the holistic natural approach as the way to deal with physical and mental nutrition and analysis.

The use of vitamins and minerals in a supplemental manner should be researched in order to discover products that are able to deliver the most amount of the substance into the body, since it is known that in order to be effective and properly processed by the body, vitamins and minerals often require their own additional catalytic substances in order to facilitate their beneficial internal use. If you can find supplemental substances which are being delivered at a high rate into the usable areas of the body, then the use of a regimen of those supplements on a daily basis would be a good way of ensuring complete physical nutrition, and in that vein, you should consider the following web site Dr. Joel Wallach and Colloidal Minerals; “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” as a potential source of highly-deliverable essential nutrient supplements for your health. This doctor, in fact, can help explain that; American Medical Association doctors in the U.S. average a life span of only approximately 58 years; AMA doctors outright kill over 300,000 people every year by their mistakes of commission and omission; a half-century old U.S. Senate Report reported how the minerals in the soil throughout the United States had already at that time become critically denuded of minerals; all of which should give intelligent people a pause about whether or not they should be using the advice given by medical doctors at all.

(Note: on November 30, 1999, an article by staff writer Rick Weiss on page A1 of Section A of The Washington Post daily newspaper claimed “Medical mistakes are a stunningly huge problem, says a new report by the Institute of Medicine. It quoted studies estimating that at least 44,000 and perhaps as many as 98,000 hospitalized Americans die every year from errors.”)

If possible, a vegetarian diet is still idealistically the best, and you will be able to find the proteins that you need to properly maintain and grow your body in other natural whole foods. Also recommended is drinking liberal amounts of filtered or distilled or natural spring water on a daily basis (tested for good content), and if possible, it is best to avoid drinking public tap water, unless it is tested for content on a regular basis and reports consistently good results.

For diseases that are pervasive and that are causing physical discomfort and disability, a good solution can be the use of Essiac or Flor-Essence tea on a daily basis, along with regular but not daily use of Golden Seal Root, and this applies directly to people with AIDS. The teas are based on an herbal remedy which originated from a Canadian Indian tribe, and which have been proven to be very, very beneficial in strengthening the immune system and curing many different forms of cancer.

Regardless as to whether you have no hope or no belief, go to your local health food store and give yourself a chance by trying one of these herbal remedies. Compared to the expense of current mainstream cancer treatments, these herbal remedies are a minuscule fraction of the cost, while at the same time priceless in their possibilities. Some people will find that they have nothing more to lose than what they stood to lose before they considered these remedies; their lives! Are they not willing to take a chance? Take a chance, and give yourself a chance to save your life, or somebody else’s life.

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