Tribute to a Fallen Solider

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Tributes
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Back when I was diagnosed in early September I meet an amazing man called Anthony Green “Shabba Kartel” and his wife who was suffering from stomach cancer. Anthony put up an amazing fight but sadly today (1st November 2014) he passed away. He is a much loved man all over London and in his home country Jamaica and will be sadly missed by all especially his wife and children.

This video was filmed at a Awareness event for Anthony

Here are a few words from his close friends and family:

“Another brother gone,Another sad son.g Another loss of life, asking the Lord “WHY?” Another funeral day, another reason to pray.Another one of our community families needs our help today.

Our pain is Another reason to have a reason to call your love ones to say “hey”.
“Hey” could be the starting word of “I miss you and need your hug today”.
How can we say “I see you tomorrow bro!” when today we are not even promised to make it to the end of our road?
Question: who helps the helpline when the helpline is in pain?
Every month this year one of my brothers, mothers and or sisters have passed away.
Yearly I’m finding it seriously hard to celebrate my birthdays, when my invite list is in CAPITAL LETTERS edged into a grave.

The more people you love the more joy you feel.
The more people you love the more you will have to pray and kneel”. – KB

“What can I say about my brother, I am a man full of words but for once I’m lost for words I don’t know where to begin but Shabba Kartel you are one of the realist God ever created you are not afraid to speak your mind regardless of the consequences you are a blessing to many, you’ll be surely missed my friend and brother (Dancehall will never be the same without you.) I pray for all those that you left behind may Almighty God bless them and be there light in this dark hours and give them strength and wisdom to carry on in Jesus mighty name I pray amen” – S.S

“It took me sometime to do this tribute as this matter is very sensitive…. My heart is full and weeping. I had to digest Shabba Kartel lost to cancer… I always pray to God that, this disease isn’t heridetary as my Dad pass from this same disease… But this man Shabba Kartel has made his mark, he has lived, love He Was Here. Rest In Paradise your, Mum needed you more… I don’t know him on a personal level but my heart goes out to his love ones. Especially his daughter’s daddy’s little girls… My condolences to the immediate family, God will understand your tears. He knows how much you can bare, your faintest cry he’s gonna hear… So cry on when there’s nothing left to say soon he’ll wipe all your tears away” – K.K



The wake for “ANTHONY GREEN aka SHABBA KARTEL” will be held @ A SECRET LOCATION IN SOUTHEAST LONDON ((venue can hold over 1000 people)) on Sunday 9th NOVEMBER. Time 6pm until late!


  1. kelly says:

    Beautiful tribute – cancer doesn’t discriminate. Its sad beyond words

    RIP Anthony xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you he was a beautiful soul. I only knew him while he was ill via contact with his wife Chin. His story got to me and I wanted nothing more then for him to beat this.
      But as you know the Chemotherapy completely obliterates the immune system making it easier to fall ill from other virus’
      I hope he is at peace now xxx


  2. carole says:

    Anthony RIP . Me and my family knew you from you were a babe in arms. Miss P ur Mother needed you to be with her. The Lord required you. Be that beacon of light as you ascend the heavens. May your soul be at peace and you watch and guide over your children and your family you have left behind. Sooo sad:(

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Leon Mckeod AkA curly says:

    Shabba was a beautiful young man.. I knew him from a kid and he always walked with manners and respect especially for his elders.

    So sad that you’ve passed young Blood.

    Liked by 1 person

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